tisdag 28 februari 2012


Finished three different books since I last wrote. Times fly when you have nothing better to do than read, as well does the books.

Haven't gotten any more job yet, boring enough. Some ideas though, we'll see how many I actually do something about.

Getting homesick. That will say, my other home, in Sydney. Missing it a lot right now. Even looking at tickets to make my way back there... Not gonna happen I'm afraid. The cheapest I find is approximately $1600, and I don't have any money so.

Sucks a little that.

fredag 24 februari 2012

A book

Nothing new still. Nothing more than a book, that I found at the book sale.

It's called The Help and is the book behind the movie.
I tried to watch the movie when I was flying home from Australia, but I just couldn't concentrate on it. It's was to serious for me at that moment, can only watch silly movies when I fly that far, not sure why.

But the book is really intriguing and captivating, and it's really hard to put it down. It's been a really long time since I last found a new book that did that. I often take old books I've read many times before and read them again in a few days, but not it's not often that I find something brand new.

It's about 2 black women and a white one in Jackson, Mississippi, in the 1960s. The white woman is young, fresh out of college with big dreams about becoming a writer. And the 2 black women are help's, working for the white woman's friends, taking care of their families.

Only read 100 pages so far, so not much have happened, more than that it's quite clear who you are supposed to like and dislike.

Gonna go and brush my teeth now, and then bedtime. Not yet 12 a clock, but almost.
Good night.

söndag 19 februari 2012

Not feeling it

A slow night tonight, not much to do, not much to tell.
Just not feeling it, the whole blogging thing.
Not right now.

fredag 17 februari 2012

Happy Birthday!

Yes, I'm now 21, and I guess that makes me a grown-up.

I didn't actually get this cake (kind of lucky, looks like it's made out of play-doh), only the picture of it. But that's fine, gave me a laugh ^^

The best thing about celebrating my birthday at home - the fact that my mum still comes up to sing for me in the morning! :D
The worst thing about celebrating my birthday at home - the fact that I can't go with everyone to Tokio tonight.

But this is gonna be an awesome birthday anyway.
Millions of kisses for everyone, I miss you all! <3

torsdag 16 februari 2012

Cider and Cinnamon buns - Not a good combo

Today was a slow day, didn't do much to start out with. Sat with the computer for a few hours (SimsisthegreatestIloveSims) but then I felt like getting out of the house. So I drove to town and walked around.
I found some awesome socks with moustaches on them. And also a new cardigan at H&M (
I must say Australia sucks, since it doesn't have this awesome shop), no moustaches on that one though.
And then the bottle shop for some ciders, and the library for some books. All set!

After dinner my friend Lisa showed up and we started our baking. Since we are so great we did an awesome job and the dough was just perfect (hrm). And then the buns where done, and tasted fabulous. Trust me, I think I've had 4 so far.

But we felt that since Lisa wasn't driving and it's a Thursday night, it was alright to have a cider as well.
So we opened 2 of the ciders I bought today, and while we drank them we realise that cider and cinnamon buns may be awesome. But not combined.
Here they are though, the ciders and the buns. It's alright to drool.

Found a Magners and a Strongbow, but everything else was just silly sweet Swedish cider.
No Rekorderlig this time though.

And the buns.
They tasted even better than they look.

tisdag 14 februari 2012

More snow and a hair attack

It is snowing again, just when life didn't seem to be able to get any worse.
For once I remembered to take some pictures though, even while driving. That's not that hard though, just point the camera in the direction that you're driving.

Sure, it's pretty, especially a day with sunshine.

But like my cat, I don't really fancy the cold.

But it's still pretty, thank god ^^

I also got attacked yesterday, by my friend Lisa. She's a hairdresser and since Mondays are not the most exciting days in that profession, and yesterday in particular, she texted me saying that if had nothing to do then I could get my butt over to her salon. So we spent an hour pulling my hair and talking talking talking. That was fun.
Unfortunately I didn't manage to take any good picture of the hair, but I did get one. Always something.

Can't tell much from the picture, but it looked kind of cool ^^

måndag 13 februari 2012

I love Wikipedia

Just found a Wikipedia article that explains what a semla, or Shrovetide bun is xD
Not sure what Shrovetide is though, what I think is that it's the time before easter. Not at all sure ^^

söndag 12 februari 2012

Baking day

Did quite a bit of baking today, my mum and I. Since my birthday is coming up most friends and family are coming over next Saturday. And then you need something to feed them with.
We made some small cookies with caramel, saffron crust biscuits with almond and something Google calls Shrovetide buns. That is at least how it's translated. And then of course regular cinnamon buns.

I would put up a picture of all we baked here, if I had remembered to take one. Maybe next time.
Here is one of some Shrovetide buns anyway.

All we made was the bun of course, but when you serve it you cut it and put some almond icing and then some cream on top of it, inside it. And then just top it of with some vanilla sugar. Really tasty, really fatty and very typical for Sweden in the beginning of February.

I am also making some rocky road, tomorrow hopefully. If I can find some mini marshmallows. Or any marshmallows. Somehow I couldn't today.

Otherwise it's been a slow day, suspecting tomorrow to pretty much as slow.

lördag 11 februari 2012

It sucks

Shit happens, life sucks and all of that.
Boring, I don't know what to do right now. One moment it feels like you got something going for you, and then nope, not working out. The job I got is an example. It was good, it was kind of fun and the bosses where alright. But now they don't have much customers at the time so therefore they don't have any work for me.

And then I just miss being in Australia, it made sense there, most things. Like, I know what I had to do, the plans where not set in stone but there where a plan.

So feeling a little lost.
But it'll work out, you are not lost forever and ever.

onsdag 1 februari 2012

New day, new job

Had an alright day today, did my first real day at my new job today. Did a trial on Saturday but that doesn't count.
It's just a small small restaurant, in my home town. It's newly opened and it's specialising in classic recipes and locally produced ingredients and beverages. It's called Skånska Skafferiet.
I like the place, it seems to be a really alright place to work. Hopefully it works out good.

Don't have much more to say, oh well my sister is home. That's nice to, haven't seen her since Christmas 2010. That's what happens when people normally live far apart, and then go travelling.

Tired, gonna have a shower I think and then watch a movie in bed.