tisdag 14 februari 2012

More snow and a hair attack

It is snowing again, just when life didn't seem to be able to get any worse.
For once I remembered to take some pictures though, even while driving. That's not that hard though, just point the camera in the direction that you're driving.

Sure, it's pretty, especially a day with sunshine.

But like my cat, I don't really fancy the cold.

But it's still pretty, thank god ^^

I also got attacked yesterday, by my friend Lisa. She's a hairdresser and since Mondays are not the most exciting days in that profession, and yesterday in particular, she texted me saying that if had nothing to do then I could get my butt over to her salon. So we spent an hour pulling my hair and talking talking talking. That was fun.
Unfortunately I didn't manage to take any good picture of the hair, but I did get one. Always something.

Can't tell much from the picture, but it looked kind of cool ^^

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