söndag 12 februari 2012

Baking day

Did quite a bit of baking today, my mum and I. Since my birthday is coming up most friends and family are coming over next Saturday. And then you need something to feed them with.
We made some small cookies with caramel, saffron crust biscuits with almond and something Google calls Shrovetide buns. That is at least how it's translated. And then of course regular cinnamon buns.

I would put up a picture of all we baked here, if I had remembered to take one. Maybe next time.
Here is one of some Shrovetide buns anyway.

All we made was the bun of course, but when you serve it you cut it and put some almond icing and then some cream on top of it, inside it. And then just top it of with some vanilla sugar. Really tasty, really fatty and very typical for Sweden in the beginning of February.

I am also making some rocky road, tomorrow hopefully. If I can find some mini marshmallows. Or any marshmallows. Somehow I couldn't today.

Otherwise it's been a slow day, suspecting tomorrow to pretty much as slow.

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