torsdag 16 februari 2012

Cider and Cinnamon buns - Not a good combo

Today was a slow day, didn't do much to start out with. Sat with the computer for a few hours (SimsisthegreatestIloveSims) but then I felt like getting out of the house. So I drove to town and walked around.
I found some awesome socks with moustaches on them. And also a new cardigan at H&M (
I must say Australia sucks, since it doesn't have this awesome shop), no moustaches on that one though.
And then the bottle shop for some ciders, and the library for some books. All set!

After dinner my friend Lisa showed up and we started our baking. Since we are so great we did an awesome job and the dough was just perfect (hrm). And then the buns where done, and tasted fabulous. Trust me, I think I've had 4 so far.

But we felt that since Lisa wasn't driving and it's a Thursday night, it was alright to have a cider as well.
So we opened 2 of the ciders I bought today, and while we drank them we realise that cider and cinnamon buns may be awesome. But not combined.
Here they are though, the ciders and the buns. It's alright to drool.

Found a Magners and a Strongbow, but everything else was just silly sweet Swedish cider.
No Rekorderlig this time though.

And the buns.
They tasted even better than they look.

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