onsdag 25 januari 2012

Slow days, lazy days

Today is Wednesday, not much is happening. I have installed the Sims 3 and played that a little. And watched TV. Oh, I almost forgot, and cooked dinner!
Me, myself and I made the dinner today, out of pure boredom xD
Seriously, that's how very bored I am. I have actually started to cook.
Kind of a wow for me. Not that I can't cook, just that I usually never do. But it was kind of easy, fried rice with chicken, egg and veggies. Something new for my parents, something they have never tried before so that was fun. And they liked it, which was even better.
What else..
I applied for a job yesterday, not that was advertised though. I just went in to the bar in town (yes, we have pretty much just 1 bar, yes, I live in a very small town) and told them that I wanted a job. We'll see if they need anyone, I hope to get a interview at least. Or, well, I hope I get a job, but I'll start out small. Have to start with a interview anyway.
Otherwise I don't have much plans this week, or next.
Gonna try and figure out somewhere else that I would like to work.. And apply for anything ^^

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