måndag 30 januari 2012

Work, forgetfulness and a photo shoot

That's my weekend. The title sums it all up.
On Saturday I had a trail at a new restaurant in town. So I worked there for a few hours that evening. On my way out of there I forgot my phone, so that kind of screwed up the rest of my night. Because I was going to my friend Lovisa's place in Karlshamn to stay a couple of days, so I kind of needed it to call her and ask her to let me in.
Instead I had to ask a stranger on the street if I could borrow her phone, which luckily was alright. And I managed to get inside soon enough.

On Sunday, me and Lovisa had a photo shoot in the studio at her school, mostly because she wanted to train taking portraits again and I wanted some nice pictures. Win-win. I am her go-to model whenever she want's to try something she needs a model for, as well as I was Lisa's model when she was training to be a hairdresser. Fun stuff, and I did get some cool pictures.
When we were done with me, Lovisa wanted me to take some pictures of her. Okej.. I have used a camera ones or twice, but to ask me to take pretty pictures of her.. Yeah, clever. But I think she was happy about at least one.
And so was I.

Now I'm home again, and tomorrow I might go to Lund to see a friend, if she got time for me. We where supposed to meet up on Thursday instead, but since I now have a job I can't. Otherwise I'll just go in to town to the Red Cross second hand and help out, that's always fun.

Here, now look at my pretty pictures! ;)

Yes, I'm egocentric, but I think it's alright when you manage to get this good a pictures of yourself ^^

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